Tom’s gift for storytelling shines through in every verse, painting vivid imagery and delivering suspenseful twists that instantly captivate the listener’s attention.”


It sounds bright and atmospheric, and the production is top notch. The vocals are well placed, have a nice tone of voice and fit perfectly with this style of music. The guitars are interesting and quite cheerful.” - Taras Kopel

— TarasKo

This is the kind of music that, honestly, gives me hope for the future. I love the vocals, the energy and the production that balances everything here. Glad to check out more!” - Eduard Banulescu


Good energy and powerful guitars.” - ZEUS

Indie Music Nation

You have a great voice. Really loving the country/rock vibe of the instrumentals.” ”

Music On The Rox

A well made track and some enjoyable sounds coming through.”

— The Sound Lab

Your record has a really positive and upbeat energy to it that I liked a lot. The instruments all work really well together, and the melody is really catchy. The vocals have a lot of passion and energy, and the lyrics are quite interesting. I can't wait to hear more from you in the future!”


I like the general vibe of your track. I’m looking forward to hear more of your music in the future, I really enjoyed listening to it!!” ”

— Deli_Travels

Tom Ciurczak’s “I Ain’t Ever Growing Up”: A California Style “Outlaw Rock” release with a distinctive approach to storytelling.

Tom Ciurczak, a talented musician and a proficient guitarist, has recently unveiled his latest album, “I Ain’t Ever Growing Up.“ This record is a refreshing take on rock music, showcasing a distinctive “California style” of rock songwriting, which the artist dubs “Outlaw Rock.” The songs are very personal and outspoken, dealing with themes of friendships, love, growing up and living life, and trying to stay young at heart. 

With his powerful vocals and jangly guitars, Tom provides authenticity and realness to his fans. As a result, “I Ain’t Ever Growing Up” is a nostalgic journey that strikes a perfect balance between raw energy and soulful introspection, leaving listeners in the mood to look back on their own memories and cherish the good times they experienced and all the connections they made. 

As a guitar player, Tom set out to combine his technical mastery and a creative approach to create compelling harmonies and melodies. His style is rooted in his love of old-school rock sounds, but there is also a lot of blues and Americana in the mix of influences that have inspired him. Looking up to iconic guitarists like Eric Clapton and Joe Walsh, Tom developed a style that stands out, leaving an indelible mark and defining the trajectory of the music. 

True to its title, "I Ain’t Ever Growing Up” is a celebration of being young, but not necessarily in terms of age. Youth isn’t just a number but a state of mind, which we can carry on until the very end if we are open to it. These songs are strong reminders to seize life with the spark of youth, regardless of our age. As a whole, this record is also a heartfelt tribute to the music that shaped Tom’s formative years. It takes listeners on a nostalgic journey back to the time when Tom was discovering his voice in music and life. “I Ain’t Ever Growing Up” is a powerful musical and personal statement. It stands as an artistic testament to the power of music and how it relates to personal growth and transformation. It’s beautiful to see how Tom is open to celebrating his roots and paying respect to the artists who influenced him. Many artists aren’t very transparent about their inspirations, so it’s truly refreshing to see a songwriter who wears his heart on a sleeve. By being so upfront about celebrating the music he grew up with, Tom is able to carry the torch of creativity forward, hopefully inspiring newer generations to follow suit and keep the thread going. 

Song-by-song breakdown 

This album features eight tracks, with the opener “Ontario Nights” having a clean version. “All Night Long” stands out as one of the highlights of the album, providing a great introduction to the overall vibe and feel of the release. “Kilimanjaro Skies” adds to the emotions and nostalgia conveyed through the music, making it all the more mesmerizing. “Action Out There” is one of the most energetic tracks on the album, leading perfectly into “Nights on Fire,” a celebration of good times. “Right Or Wrong Choice” offers a more introspective tone, followed by “The Vault,” which serves as a metaphor for cherishing memories and reminiscing. Finally, “Bonnie And Clyde” provides a powerful conclusion to the album. 

A fresh approach to songwriting 

Fans of iconic artists like Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, Steve Earle, and Warren Zevon will find a comforting familiarity in the sound of “I Ain’t Ever Growing Up.” The album embodies the quintessential spirit of rock while simultaneously tipping its hat to the authenticity of Americana and roots music. Tom’s impeccable songwriting skill showcases his ability to channel the essence of some of the finest American songwriters while infusing each track with his distinctive personal touch. Speaking of, he perfected a unique songwriting style, which he refers to as his “Campfire Horror Story Technique.” His methodology adds a touch of dark humor to his compositions, making them more relatable to the audience. Beneath the lightheartedness, the songs delve into existential themes, reflecting on the complexities of growing up without succumbing to the weight of growing old. 

In line with its meaning and concept, the album boasts an edgy and energetic sound, invigorating listeners with every chord and beat. Yet, Tom’s music goes beyond just being energetic; it exudes a certain depth and nuance that sets it apart from the conventional rock fare, learning valuable lessons from some of the greatest American songwriters. 

In a constantly evolving world, this amazing studio work stands as a stark reminder that some things remain timeless – the power of music to shape lives, instill camaraderie, and keep the spirit of youth alive is priceless.

- The Bandcamp Diaries.