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“I Ain't Ever Growing Up Volume I” New Album!!!
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Tom Ciurczak

Southern California singer/songwriter Tom Ciurczak (Sir-Zak) offers up an infectious blend of energetic rhythms, danceable beats and powerful storytelling lyrics that make you think you are listening to a crossbreed of Bruce Springsteen, Warren Zevon and Steve Earle, complete with Eagles-esque harmonies and hook-laden Eric Clapton style guitar work. Brought up to appreciate the intricacies of music by his father, a professional musician at the Military Academy of West Point, Tom learned, early on, about music’s complex and distinct sounds and rhythms as well as the imagery that great storytelling can evoke.  

When the Beatles hit the scene on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, Tom knew, right then, that music would play a significant role in his life. By the time he was in high school, Tom was playing in several bands around the Mid-Hudson Valley area of NY, with his aspiration to write his own music driving him to fill notebooks with lyrics built on the colorful characters he was meeting.  

In his mid 20’s, Tom moved to the West Coast where he soon found work in the Specialty Lighting industry. Marriage and 2 young children meant putting his musical ambitions on hold, although he continued to write songs almost daily as he traveled the world to seek out the newest innovations in lighting. His career established him as an outstanding businessman, as he built three very successful Specialty Lighting Companies: Osram, Ushio and his own company, BLC International. Through it all, he continued to hear the siren’s song as songwriting provided the creative outlet in his life.  

Things changed in 2014, when Tom decided to dust off his prodigious arsenal of songs and put them to the test. When he attended recording artist Steve Earle’s Songwriters Master Class and Retreat, he knew that he had found his people. From there, he turbo-charged his songs, taking them to a whole new level.  

Infused with a new momentum, Tom he put together a prestigious recording team consisting of, producer/drummer Stephen Haaker, sound engineer Brett Grossman and GRAMMY® Award - Winning Mastering Engineer Emily Lazar. Now backed by an A-List of studio musicians, Tom went into the studio to record his first CD, the powerfully-combustive “Call Me Ishmael.”  

“Ishmael” was widely regarded by critics for its refreshing feel-good rock ‘n roll sound and went on to reach the Top 150 on the AMA charts as its two singles: “Roll the Dice” and “Mine Torne Road,” received considerable international airplay. Tom’s unique style of fun Outlaw Rock was finding worldwide audiences.  

Energized and inspired, Tom began working on his second CD, and returned to record at Perfect Sound Studios in the summer of 2022.  At home in the studio, he and his team wound up recording enough new material for 2 full albums. “I Ain’t Ever Growing Up-Volume I” released  August 4th, 2023  includes the romantically-haunting single, “Bonnie and Clyde,” as well as the vibrant coming of age songs “All Night Long,” and “The Vault,” which captures life on the edge.  

“Volume II” is scheduled for  a June 14th 2024 release date. The first Single “Small Town Girls” a love song about simpler times growing up in Small Town America, was released April 12th.

In between these two CD releases “California Christmas Tales”, a 2023 Holiday EP was released, that included 3 original “fun” songs; C'mon C'mon Rudolf, Santa's Got A Brand New Bag; and Christmas Time In Hollywood all received extensive airplay with over 200 radio stations in North America and Europe playing them over the holiday season.

Tom is fully-committed to life on the road as he regularly performs at music venues throughout the South-land to promote his own brand of Heartland Rock.  Singer/songwriter/recording artist Tom Ciurczak is proof that, once lit, the musical spark never dies – it’s just waiting for the right time to blaze its magic.