Tom Ciurczak channels a sound of the past on debut album, "Call Me Ishmael"” - Austin Sher


Call Me Ishmael is the debut album from
singer songwriter Tom Ciurczak

The album was produced and engineered by Brett Grossman and Stephen D. Haaker (aka The Groove Juggernaut Duo), recorded at Perfect Sound Studios in Frogtown CA, and mastered by Grammy winner Emily Lazar (Coldplay, Vampire Weekend) at the Lodge in NYC. Call Me Ishmael contains 12 original songs that shift between Rock, Outlaw Country, Americana, and Jazz.

For Fans of Bruce Springsteen and Steve Earle. 

Highlight tracks on the album include:
     “Winter Highland Falls” about fleeing the decay of small-town America.
     The song’s title is a reference to both Tom’s hometown as well as an homage 
     to Billy Joel’s “Summer Highland Falls.” It evokes images of Springsteen’s 
     escape to Neverland from Born to Run, complete with its wailing, jazz 
     saxophone and anthemic chorus. 

     “Mine Torn Road” with its classical Baby Grand intro is reminiscent of 
     “Thunder Road” and takes you on a journey that begins from another front 
     porch and winds up in the heart of New York City with a third act twist you 
     won’t see coming.

     “Ishmael,” the tequila-soaked epic that closes the album, is a story straight 
     out of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick with a nod to Earle’s Copperhead Road. 
     This time you are taken to the jungles of the Yucatan where exotic animals 
     instead of moonshine are being smuggled. “Ishmael” further blends its 
     outlaw country vibe with a touch of ‘70s Prog, creating a new musical 
     experience he likes to refer to as Outlaw Country Prog. 

Other standout tracks include “Roll The Dice,” “Last Gunfighter” and “Do You Know
My Name.”

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