Tom Ciurczak Spreads Rock 'n' Roll Holiday Cheer with His New EP: California Christmas Tales - Out Now

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Tom’s gift for storytelling shines through in every verse, painting vivid imagery and delivering suspenseful twists that instantly captivate the listener’s attention.”


It sounds bright and atmospheric, and the production is top notch. The vocals are well placed, have a nice tone of voice and fit perfectly with this style of music. The guitars are interesting and quite cheerful.” - Taras Kopel

— TarasKo

This is the kind of music that, honestly, gives me hope for the future. I love the vocals, the energy and the production that balances everything here. Glad to check out more!” - Eduard Banulescu


Good energy and powerful guitars.” - ZEUS

Indie Music Nation

You have a great voice. Really loving the country/rock vibe of the instrumentals.” ”

Music On The Rox

A well made track and some enjoyable sounds coming through.”

— The Sound Lab

Your record has a really positive and upbeat energy to it that I liked a lot. The instruments all work really well together, and the melody is really catchy. The vocals have a lot of passion and energy, and the lyrics are quite interesting. I can't wait to hear more from you in the future!”


I like the general vibe of your track. I’m looking forward to hear more of your music in the future, I really enjoyed listening to it!!” ”

— Deli_Travels