Top of the World

I realized I didn’t have any love songs for the “Call Me Ishmael” album.  I had songs about stalkers, drug dealers, arsonists, smugglers and the homeless, but no love songs. So, I consciously sat down to write a couple for the album.  So just before we were deciding on the songs for the album, I wrote three songs: “Roll the Dice”, “Strung Out” and “Top of the World” all rather quickly (and all very different) “Top of the World” was the last song I wrote.  I had been working on the chorus and really liked the guitar part in it, but I couldn’t come up with a verse that worked for me.  I went back and started reviewing some of my older songs for idea’s I could use and found a song I wrote in 1978 called “Sparrow.” The verses just fit together so well with the Chorus I was working on that I decided to use it. I had a real cool guitar part I was working on that also fit perfectly for the intro and walla! This wound up being more of folk rock song closer in style to a Dan Fogelberg song than anything else on the album. The title was from the iconic line by James Cagney in "White Heat" and also DiCaprio in Titanic. ( although I was thinking Cagney at the time) I played all the guitars, Rob Hall was on bass, Ethan Sherman on Mandolin and Stephen Haaker was on drums.  Diana Ortiz, Harrison Crenshaw, and Phoebe Crenshaw were on backing vocals. Engineering and Production was done by Brett Grossman and Stephen Haaker and we recorded at Perfect Sound Studio’s in Frogtown and Cosmic Voyager Studio in Encino.

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