The Last Gunfighter

I always liked Westerns and decided to write a song with a Western theme.  I was watching “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” at the time I was writing the lyrics and I kept thinking about it as I developed the song's story line.

There are lots of fun guitar parts and rhythms throughout this song.

I have always been a big fan of twin guitar harmony style of: “Allman Brothers”, “Wishbone Ash”, “Thin Lizzy” etc., so I came up with a cool guitar riff and harmony, as an homage to them.  I then laid this over an acoustic guitar part that I flat picked for the intro and verse, and it wound up meshing quite well. For the chorus and bridge, I changed it up and used some power chords reminiscent of the Ramones. 

Great guitar solo work on this song by Sarven Manguiat once again, that really made this song standout! 

I played all the electric and acoustic rhythm guitars, while Sarven Manguiat handled all the lead work.  Rob Hall was on bass; Stephen Haaker was on Drums and Aaron Durr was on all Keyboards. Harrison and Phoebe Crenshaw along with Diana Ortiz are all on backing vocals.  

"The Last Gunfighter" was engineered and produced by Brett Grossman and Stephen Haaker. We recorded it at Perfect Sound Studios in Frogtown CA and Cosmic Voyager in Los Angeles.. The song was Mastered by Emily Lazar from the Lodge in NYC.

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