Sunny Came Back

This song was inspired by a song by Shawn Colvin called “Sunny Came Home.”  Which won her a Grammy for song and record of the year in 1998. I saw her at a show with Steve Earle and Steve would like to say she specialized in writing “Murder Ballads”. The song is about a woman named Sunny who basically burns down a house with her ex-boyfriend inside. I thought that it would be interesting to write the song from the ex-boyfriend’s point of view. So, I wrote this song about a batshit crazy girlfriend (and who doesn’t have at least one of those in their past) who burns down this guy’s house with him inside. I tried to write it in a folk rock, “Eagles” style, with lots of cool guitar riffs sprinkled throughout. Sarven Manguiat did a great job with the lead guitar on this song. I played acoustic guitar, Rob Hall played bass, and Stephen Haaker Drums. Harrison Crenshaw, Phoebe Crenshaw and Diana Ortiz were on back round vocals and harmonies. Brett Grossman and Stephen Haaker handled the engineering and production work and it was recorded at Perfect Sound Studio’s in Frogtown, CA, and Cosmic Voyager Studio's in Encino CA. Mastering was done at "the Lodge" in NYC by Emily Lazar.

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