Leave it to the Universe

I believe one of the key elements in writing good lyrics is to have a good metaphor. I’ve heard this said by many great song writers. So, when I heard the phrase “I’m going to leave it to the Universe” I knew it would be perfect theme to write a song around. 

It’s a song about life on the run, escape and ultimately it's a love story. 

Musically it borrows a lot from both the Who and Bruce Springsteen. I love the contrast between the use of “Power Chords” and “Acoustic Guitar flat picking”, something that both Pete Townshend and Springsteen are really both great at. 

Springsteen often likes to change keys whenever he would have Clarence Clemons do a sax solo, so I used this idea for the outro and Fabian Chavez on Sax just killed it! 

We recorded this song at the same time we recorded “Christmas Time in Hollywood” and then released it as a single early in 2022.  It did quite well on European Radio and on Spotify. 

Sarven Manguiat did another fantastic job on electric guitar. I again played acoustic guitar, Travis Carlton was on bass, Aaron Durr played piano, Stephen Haaker was on drums and Fabian Chavez played Sax. The amazing Harrison Crenshaw sang all the background vocals and harmonies.

 Brett Grossman and Stephen Haaker Engineered and Produced it. We recorded it at “Perfect Sound Studio’s” in Frogtown CA and “The Vanguard” in North Hollywood. The song was mastered by Jennifer Munson at Taloowa Corp.

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