Christmas Time in Hollywood

I got it in my mind to write and record a Christmas song in 2021.  A friend of mine, Doug Suman, had recently written one, and it convinced me that I should have one in my song repertoire as well.  However, I wanted to stay away from the more traditional types of Christmas Songs, so I came up with a bit of a satirical idea on the commercialization of Christmas in the Movies. 

With my day job I had spent a lot of time on the Paramount Studio back-lots, so it was easy to come up with the imagery of filming a snowy Christmas night time scene during a bright sunny day in Southern California.

I decided to poke a little fun at how the “Hollywood Production Factory” uses famous movie personalities to pitch the “must have” products in films, that everyone needs to buy for the holidays. I decided to write it as an up-tempo rock song. (I just didn’t think the world needed another Silent Night).

Brett and Stephen came up with the idea to add Christmas Carolers to the song intro, and this really set the song up perfectly as we wanted to give it a cheesy TV commercial sound throughout.

I usually like to have a subplot with my songs, and I do think Christmas songs should have something positive to say, so I was able to weave a bit of a love song into it as well. Finally,

I would be remiss if I didn’t come up with a really cool guitar part. To me writing songs is all about creating “ear candy” both musically and lyrically for the listener. I was able to come up with a very catchy guitar outro, which I really love and I think fit perfectly. 

For this son Sarven Manguiat was on electric guitar; I played acoustic guitar; Travis Carlton was on bass; Bonnie Brooksbank was on Piano and Stephen Haaker was on drums. Harrison Crenshaw sang all the background vocals and Harmonies. 

My Christmas Caroler's were: Diana Ortiz, Jayme Palmer, and Bonnie Brooksbank. 

Brett Grossman and Stephen Haaker Engineered and Produced it. We recorded it at “Perfect Sound Studio’s” in Frogtown CA and “The Vanguard” in North Hollywood.. The song was mastered by Jennifer Munson at Taloowa Corp.

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